Inland town of Fuerteventura, capital of the Antigua region

Antigua is a village in Fuerteventura, which is the capital of the region of Antigua.

It is a historic village, founded by European colonisers that established it there to take advantage of the productive land for cultivation. Antigua soon became prominent among the local population thanks to its strategic location between Villa de Betancuria and the docks on the island’s west coast.

The village is dominated by the arid landscapes that characterise inland Fuerteventura. A visit is highly recommended thanks to its historic importance and the beauty of its architectural heritage.

Places of interest in Antigua

  • Iglesia de Antigua. The main catholic church in the village which has stood since the 16th-century, when it was a small chapel. Over the following centuries, it was remodelled various times until it took its current shape.
  • Casa del Portón. Old statement home constructed in the 17th century. It is notable for its many elements of traditional Canarian architecture. It current homes the Antigua Municipal Library.
  • Molinos de Antigua. The windmills were at their peak in Fuerteventura during the 18th century and were mainly dedicated to extracting water and milling grain, which made the island the breadbasket of the Canary Islands. The windmills that have survived over the centuries reveal the history of their practice.
  • Majorero Cheese Museum. This unique museum enlightens us about the origin and manufacture of the most popular cheese in Fuerteventura. This industry has had a huge impact on the life and even the landscapes of the island.

Near Antigua, you’ll find places like Villa de Betancuria, which has the most beautiful centre on the island, or the Betancuria Rural Park, one of the most distinctive natural spaces on the island.

How to get there

You can get to Antigua from the west coast via the FV-413. You can also get there via the FV-20, which goes from Puerto del Rosario and crosses most of inland Fuerteventura.

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