Flights to Fuerteventura

Find cheap flights to Fuerteventura. Check prices and availability for the many airlines that operate in Fuerteventura, compare prices and choose the perfect flight [read more].

 Car hire

Fuerteventura is a vast island with modern roads in good condition. Renting a car in Fuerteventura is the easiest way to get around [read more].

 Documents required

Fuerteventura is an administrative region of Spain and the European Union, so the documents required are the same as the rest of Spain and the EU. You’ll find the documents that you need to enter Fuerteventura here [read more].


What is the weather like in the winter in Fuerteventura? What is the average annual temperature? Fuerteventura has a subtropical climate, with clear skies and warm temperatures. Clear up your doubts about the weather in Fuerteventura here.


The official currency of Fuerteventura is the Euro (€)


The official language of Fuerteventura is Spanish. If you are in a tourist area you won’t have any problems using English. In hotels and tourist areas you’ll definitely find staff who speak your language.

 Electricity and sockets

The type of plug used in Fuerteventura is the same as in most of Western Europe – a Schuko plug with two cylindrical pins.

 Time zone

The standard time zone in Fuerteventura is UTC+0. In the summer it is UTC+1.

 Getting to Fuerteventura

Boat, plane, or cruise ship. These are the only three ways to get to the island. What is the easiest? What is the cheapest? Choose the option that fits best for you [read more].

 How to get around

Other than renting a car, there are other options for getting around Fuerteventura. The island has good public transport for buses and taxis [read more].