Fuerteventura is an island right in the Atlantic Ocean off the north coast of Africa, so there are only two ways to get there – on a boat or in a plane.

Dozens of airlines offer direct flights to the island from almost anywhere in Spain or Europe. For flights from other parts of the world, you’ll likely need to make a transfer. Whatever the case, you can consult our flight search.

Those who arrive by boat to Fuerteventura mainly do so from the other Canary Islands, although there are also boat connections from the south of the Iberian Peninsula. And of course, leading cruise liners from around the world often dock in the island’s ports.

Flights to Fuerteventura

The quickest and easiest way to get to Fuerteventura. The touristic nature of Fuerteventura means that the island is connected by air with the rest of the world, especially with Europe, so you can find direct flights to the island without any issues [read more].


If you are on one of the other Canary Islands and you wish to travel to Fuerteventura, the ferry is another recommended option. You can also consider it if you’re thinking about bringing your own car [read more].