5 of Fuerteventura’s Best Wild and (almost) Secret Beaches

Fuerteventura has the best beaches in the Canary Islands, but not all of them as so well-known or popular. Especially on the west coast of the island, where there is a spectacular series of wild and rarely visited beaches, which can only be accessed by dirt track.

These beaches do not have any amenities to speak of, but they do have a unique charm that you won’t find at the more popular beaches.

There are 5 of Fuerteventura’s Best Wild and (almost) Secret Beaches

1. Jarugo

Playa de JarugoJarubo Beach (Playa de Jarugo) is on Fuerteventura’s west coast, in the Puerto del Rosario region. It is a small beach with golden sands and generally very few people, including during the summer. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this beach is ideal. You can reach it via an unpaved road from Tindaya. You’ll find parking near the beach [read more].

2. La Solapa

La SolapaLa Solapa is an isolated beach with golden sands and strong waves that doesn’t normally receive many visitors. You can get to it via various dirt paths, and there is parking near to the beach if you are looking to arrive by car [read more].

3. Garcey

GarceyGarcey is a remote and wild beach on the island’s western face, near the village of Ajuy. You can get there via unpaved roads [read more].

4. Playa del Águila

Playa del AguilaThis beach can be found on Fuerteventura’s west coast. It’s around 600 metres long and very few people tend to visit it. The beach has golden sands and moderate waves and can be reached via a dirt path from El Cotillo [read more].

5. La Pared

Playa de La ParedLa Pared is on Fuerteventura’s southwestern coast. It is a medium-sized beach formed of sand and rocks, from which you can see most of the island’s west coast. Like many of the beaches in this part of the island, the waves are relatively strong [read more].

And if this list is not enough, here’s a link where you can explore all the beaches in Fuerteventura.